Buick LaCrosse Indianapolis IN

Like many of us, you spend a lot of time in your car. For that reason, you demand the best in performance, comfort, connectibility, and or course, safety. The Buick LaCrosse gives outstanding power and agility paired with safety technology to protect you from whatever the road wants to throw your way. At Ray Skillman Auto Center, we demand great performance from our dedicated team on your behalf, and they deliver every time. Our approach is simple; we want the very best for you and your new Buick LaCrosse.

Luxury and performance coexist beautifully in your new Buick LaCrosse. With the standard 304hp V6 engine, you’ll be commanding the road in no time. Innovations like eAssist technology help conserve fuel while available All-Wheel Drive helps you stay in control even in rain, sleet or snow. On the days you need to switch things up, engage the Sport Mode on your gearshift for a more responsive and enhanced driving experience. Sport Mode heightens suspension and steering feel and holds transmission shift points for a more assertive feel. In addition, continuously variable real-time damping provides a smoother ride. Running errands will never feel dull again. Stay in control in low-traction situations like rain, sleet and snow with All-Wheel Drive. The intelligent system constantly monitors traction and sends power to wheels with the most grip. Plus, the electronic limited-slip differential allows torque to be split between the rear wheels, for more sure-footedness. Who says you can’t outsmart Mother Nature?

Your new LaCrosse luxury sedan also has your back. Several available collision-avoidance technologies, like Lane Departure Warning, help you stay on course. Then there’s the Side Blind Zone Alert, which uses radar to help detect vehicles in your vehicle’s blind spots. Confidence most definitely is a wonderful luxury to have, and it’s all yours in the all-new Buick LaCrosse. When you’re backing out of a parking space, Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology uses radar to detect vehicles approaching your LaCrosse and alerts you within 65 feet of either side. If that’s not reverse engineering you can get behind, what is?

Your LaCrosse thinks ahead, literally. Its Forward Collision Alert technology helps to prevent frontal crashes by sensing when you are approaching a vehicle in front of you too quickly, alerting you with both an audible and visual warning. Front Automatic Braking technology senses when a crash is imminent and then can automatically brake to help you reduce crash damage or help avoid colliding with the vehicle ahead in some low speed situations.

The dedicated pros at Ray Skillman Auto Center look forward to showing you all the amazing features in the new Buick LaCrosse in our convenient, hassle-free showroom. From performance to safety, there is so much to experience and enjoy. To learn more about the new Buick LaCrosse in and around the Indianapolis area, just visit the Ray Skillman Auto Center, or call us at (317) 888-9500.  You can also browse our selection of new and pre-owned Buick selection online any time. We’ll see you today at Ray Skillman Auto Center.

Buick LaCrosse Indianapolis IN