New Kia Optima Indianapolis

New Kia Optima Indianapolis

You don’t have to spend big bucks to buy a luxury vehicle. In fact, you shouldn’t have to, but that’s what most manufacturers want you to do. Kia is different. The Optima is different. It’s as luxurious as high-end sedans but is affordable enough to make it a top seller. That’s one of the reasons that the savvy people of Indianapolis love this car. It’s why they come to Ray Skillman Auto Center to make their purchase. Learn why below.

Indy Optima Inventory

Search Optima InventoryWhy choose from a few Optimas when you have access to dozens? Ray Skillman Auto Center keeps a robust inventory on hand to make sure you can find the perfect match.

Check out our online inventory or come by the dealership and take a look in person. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’ve tried to buy from other Optima dealerships in the area. Making customers happy is our specialty.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Optima

Style rebornStyle reborn

We’ll admit that we borrowed this catchphrase from Kia corporate. Usually, we keep it all local, but this particular slogan worked too well for the amazing Optima for us to pass up. They say it “hugs curves and turns heads. ” We couldn’t agree more.

Part of the experience of living and working in the Indianapolis area is looking the part. That’s true everywhere, but we all know that here in Indianapolis, it’s important to speak the appropriate style with our words, actions, and fashions. The Optima is the ultimate fashion statement. It says, “smart and ambitious” without having an ambitious price tag.

Transparent pricingTransparent pricing

This really shouldn’t have to be something we point out because we believe every dealership should respect its customers with transparent pricing the way we do. Unfortunately, we’re one of the only dealerships in Indianapolis that believes in putting our great prices on our website without forcing people to contact us to get the “best price” or “internet price.”

Buying anything in the 21st century should be hassle-free. That’s why Ray Skillman Auto Center has made it easier to research and purchase your new Optima without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

Affordability without compromiseCompact car. Tech giant.

Today’s driver wants the technological amenities that modern vehicles offer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a $100,000 luxury vehicle or an affordable ride like the Kia Rio. That’s why UVO is your co-pilot. You say it and your Rio does it.

Connectivity is important in society today. People are on the go and they don’t want to miss things. Unfortunately, too many people are distracted by technology when driving. The Rio makes it easy to keep your eyes and concentration on the road.

Practical... and fastPractical… and fast

When one hears the word “turbo,” they normally think of sports cars. The Turbo GDi engine in the new Optima redefines how people should think about speed. It’s not just the little 2-door rides that are having all the fun when the Optima’s on the road.

Thankfully, the Optima doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency in order to get its extra horsepower. Efficient speed is better than wasteful speed and the Optima is designed to be extremely efficient. That’s how we like our vehicles to be: fast and fuel-conscious.

The better way to buyThe better way to buy

For decades, buying cars has been made difficult by many dealers in the Indianapolis area. Ray Skillman Auto Center has been around for so long because we know two things happen if you treat people right: they’ll buy vehicles in the future and they’ll tell their friends and family all about their positive experience.

Give us a chance to show you why your new Optima is best when bought at Ray Skillman Auto Center. We don’t just want to sell you the Optima. We want to make you ecstatic about your experience.

Ray Skillman’s Pre-Owned Optimas

Pre-Owned Optima Inventory