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The price of new vehicles is skyrocketing. It’s getting to the point that many vehicles need to have beds in them to accommodate for the house payment they end up costing. Of course, the Kia Rio doesn’t have that problem. It’s not just affordable to start. It’s even more affordable at Ray Skillman Auto Center. Read below to find out why.

Indy Rio Inventory

Search Rio InventoryFinding the right Rio isn’t hard. Sometimes, you can find it directly on the website. Other times, you’ll need your dealership to search around and find the right one for you.

This is why Ray Skillman Auto Center is so popular for Indianapolis Rio buyers.

We’ll help you find the best match for your needs.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Rio

Evolving styleEvolving style

There was a time not too long ago when the Rio was simply an economic choice. Things are different today. The modern Rio is better equipped and stylishly designed to make it a fun vehicle its owners can proudly drive around Indianapolis.

The latest model takes it up a notch with fresh styling and more options. One of the things that really sets it off is the available 15-inch allow wheels. You’ll look great in this car. Ray Skillman Auto Center will help you find the right one.

Too small? Nope.Too small? Nope.

Deception is usually a bad thing, but the Kia Rio offers much more room than one might think on first inspection. Don’t be deceived by false assumptions. This car has plenty of headroom and legroom for people of all sized.

It’s a little like Ray Skillman Auto Center. On one hand, we have the buying power and credibility associated with being one of the most prolific dealerships in Indianapolis for decades. On the other hand, we still have a small town dealership feel. This is due to the profound respect we have for our customers.

Compact car. Tech giant.Compact car. Tech giant.

Today’s driver wants the technological amenities that modern vehicles offer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a $100,000 luxury vehicle or an affordable ride like the Kia Rio. That’s why UVO is your co-pilot. You say it and your Rio does it.

Connectivity is important in society today. People are on the go and they don’t want to miss things. Unfortunately, too many people are distracted by technology when driving. The Rio makes it easy to keep your eyes and concentration on the road.

Ray's Rio experienceRay’s Rio experience

There’s no reason why anyone in the 21st century should have a terrible experience when buying a vehicle. All too many dealerships treat their customers poorly, particularly if they’re buying an inexpensive vehicle like the Rio.

Ray Skillman Auto Center has been in business for a long time and realizes that if we treat people right, they’ll buy more vehicles in the future. They’ll send their friends and family our way. That’s the way that businesses stay open as long as we have.

A compact that lastsA compact that lasts

Just as Ray Skillman Auto Center is built for the long haul in Indianapolis, the Kia Rio is built to stay on the road for a long time. This has been a concern for many people considering compact vehicles over the years. Today’s Rio is a well-engineered machine that just keeps going.

Nobody wants a car that breaks down. The Rio is one of the most reliable vehicles of its size and is the most reliable in its price range. Let Ray Skillman Auto Center show you just how amazing this car really is.

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