New Kia Sedona Indianapolis

New Kia Sedona Indianapolis

What do most people want in a minivan? Comfort, style, safety, and dependability. That’s the Kia Sedona and in many ways it’s also the way that Ray Skillman Auto Center sells them. We want you to be comfortable. Our process is safe and low-pressure. We have been extremely dependable for decades. Perhaps the only real difference is in style. As a dealership, we believe in great customer experiences more than flashy sales techniques or gaudy promotions. That’s why Indianapolis loves buying their Sedonas from us.

Indy Sedona Inventory

Search Sedona InventoryThese vehicles are becoming harder and harder to find. Some dealerships don’t have any. You won’t have that problem with Ray Skillman Auto Center’s Sedona inventory. We don’t just keep enough in stock, but was can also help you find the right one if it’s not readily available in the Indianapolis area.

Check out what we have, then call us or come by.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Kia Sedona

Simply beautifulSimply beautiful

Remember when most minivans weren’t very attractive? Today, minivans are some of the most beautiful vehicles on the road and the Kia Sedona leads the way with an incredible design. It’s not just the bold style and provocative lines. Every detail of the exterior is made to be noticed.

From 19-inch chrome wheels to an eye-catching grill, it’s no wonder that so many people in Indianapolis are switching from other minivans to the Sedona. Ray Skillman Auto Center leads the way in helping people see the beauty of this incredible vehicle.

Bells. Whistles. Bears. Oh my.Bells. Whistles. Bears. Oh my.

The new Kia Sedona has all the bells and whistles the modern driver wants. Thankfully, they don’t come with bears, but if you happen to have one, it’ll fit nicely in the spacious interior.

All jokes aside, the Sedona is loaded with an arsenal of features that makes owning and driving one a positive experience. Moreover, the passengers in your Sedona will be comfortable and kept busy; there are plenty of outlets for all of your gadgets. Let Ray Skillman Auto Center show you everything you need to know about the Sedona.

Indianapolis craves SedonasIndianapolis craves Sedonas

You may have noticed more and more of these minivans on the road lately. That’s because the demand for the Sedona has been spiking. As more people are amazed by its design and features, the desire to buy one has rightfully spiked as well.

This is where Ray Skillman excels. As a respected dealer group that has multiple Kia stores, we have the luxury of selection unlike any other Kia dealership in the Indianapolis area. Finding what you want is easiest at Ray Skillman.

Price matters to youPrice matters to you

There’s no need to second-guess the “amazing” offers many other dealerships use to lure people to their store. You shouldn’t have to wonder if a vehicle you saw online is still there or if its price (when you finally get one out of them) is going to be the best deal you can get.

Ray Skillman Auto Center makes it easy with a transparent pricing model that matches the way other industries do business in this digital age. Getting a great price is one of the most stressful parts about buying at other dealerships. At Ray Skillman Auto Center, we don’t play pricing games.

Hit the road in any seasonHit the road in any season

The Sedona is known as a family-hauler. It’s used to take people around the Indianapolis area in a way that’s easy and safe. Of course, there’s more to life than softball practice and grocery runs. When you’re ready for the next road trip, the Sedona is ready to get you where you’re going.

It gets great gas mileage. It tows. It makes the trip more enjoyable with amazing features. This is where Ray Skillman Auto Center excels. We’ll help you take full advantage of your Sedona’s features because we keep our team trained with the important knowledge you’ll want to learn from them. Call, contact us here, or come by when you have any questions at all about the Kia Sedona.

Ray Skillman’s Pre-Owned Sedonas

Pre-Owned Sedona Inventory