New Kia Sorento Indianapolis

New Kia Sorento Indianapolis

Imagine driving into a dealership, having a helpful staff member show you some new Kia Sorentos, filling out paperwork, and driving home in one in your new SUV without hassle or fuss. If that’s not the experience you’re expecting when shopping for a Sorento in the Indianapolis area, you haven’t tried to buy one at Ray Skillman Auto Center. As you’ll read below, we do things differently.

Indy Sorento Inventory

Search Sorento InventoryPeople love choices. Nobody wants to be forced to buy a vehicle that isn’t exactly what they were wanting. That’s why we proudly place this nice big button front and center for you to go straight to our inventory if you’d like.

Below, you’ll find videos and important information if you’d like to learn more before going straight to our selection. Either way, Ray Skillman Auto Center is here to make your buying experience better.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Sorento

Set comfort to maximumSet comfort to maximum

Comfort is a personal experience. The new Kia Sorento was built with that notion in mind. From the best lumbar support in the segment (an under-emphasized benefit) to seats that remember how you like to sit, the Sorento is a model for the way that Ray Skillman Auto Center does business.

Like the Sorento itself, we understand that your experience when buying a vehicle doesn’t need to be painful. We go to great lengths to make sure our customers love how they bought their Sorento almost as much as they love driving it around. Other dealers just don’t get that.

Active or passive safety?Active or passive safety?

The answer to the question is “yes.” The Kia Sorento is loaded with a plethora of safety features that work towards both goals. First, it does what it can to help you avoid getting into an accident altogether. Then, it has features that protect those inside the vehicle in case an accident cannot be avoided.

Having both benefits is rare in vehicles, but it’s even more rare in the car buying process. Don’t sacrifice selection for price. Don’t go through high-pressure sales tactics just to get the right Sorento for you. Let Ray Skillman Auto Center give you the best of every facet of your buying experience.

A vehicle that gets youA vehicle that “gets you”

What do Sorento drivers want? One aspect of new vehicles that entices people today is the technology component. The Sorento is jam-packed with smart technology that makes driving one different from driving any other vehicle.

Just as the Sorento gets you, so too does Ray Skillman Auto Center get you. That’s why we keep our team up to date on every aspect of the advancing technologies in the Kia world. As strange is it may sound, most dealerships aren’t staying on top of the technology in a way that allows them to help their customers fully. Let us fill the gap and show you what the Sorento can do for you.

Hit the lakesHit the lakes

At the end of the day, many Sorento buyers just want the space and driving capabilities to hop in their vehicle and head out for adventure. In Indianapolis, one of the most popular ways to do this is by hitting Eagle Creek, Lake Stonebridge, or any of our other aqua-options.

The Sorento is made for Indianapolis just as Ray Skillman Auto Center was made for the people in our area. Durable, dependable, and fun. Are we talking about the Sorento or Ray Skillman Auto Center? Yes.

Pricing done rightPricing done right

Have you tried to shop for a Sorento at another dealership or on their website? If so, you’re used to the hassle of going back and forth just to get a decent deal. That’s not the way to do business in the 21st century and Ray Skillman Auto Center is proud to make it easier.

We believe in the modern style of doing business that includes transparent pricing and knowledgeable staff. It’s sad that most dealerships don’t believe the same thing. That’s okay. You really only need one dealership in order to get the best deal on the Sorento you want.

Ray Skillman’s Pre-Owned Sorentos

Pre-Owned Sorento Inventory