New Kia Sportage Indianapolis

New Chevrolet Sportage Indianapolis

The Kia Sportage has been growing in popularity in the Indianapolis area in recent years. Ray Skillman Auto Center keeps plenty of them, new and pre-owned, in stock at all times. What’s even more important is knowing that the Sportage buying experience at Ray Skillman is unlike any in the area. We take care of our customers. Read more below to find out how.

Indy Sportage Inventory

Search Sportage InventoryThe key to keeping our customers as happy as they can be with a vehicle purchase is making it easy for them to find, drive, buy, and enjoy their new ride. This link will show you what Sportages we have available.

Considering the growing popularity of this compact SUV, it’s no wonder that so many people are coming by the Auto Center to take one for a spin.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Sportage

Compact... but not smallCompact… but not small

There’s a big difference between being a “compact” SUV and being a small vehicle. The Sportage takes full advantage of every inch in its interior, giving both driver and passengers all the room they need to be comfortable, even on long trips.

Ray Skillman Auto Center can show you everything about this spacious interior because we’ve learned how to maximize it for every owner’s use. Our experience team makes the customer experience stellar through knowledge and friendliness. Combined, they make Ray Skillman Auto Center customers extremely satisfied with every aspect of their Sportage purchase.

Built for Indy's adventuresBuilt for Indy’s adventures

Kia corporate says that the Sportage was built for life’s adventures. Ray Skillman Auto Center knows that life in Indianapolis can’t be generalized with life everywhere else. There are certain aspects of the Sportage that make it special for our community.

It’s similar to the way that Ray Skillman treats our customers. We realize that you aren’t just looking to be pushed in one direction or the other by an aggressive salesperson. That’s why we focus on having answers and solving problems rather than simply “making the deal.” We’ll help you find the Sportage that matches your individual needs.

Easy Sportage pricingEasy Sportage pricing

Every other dealership claims they’ll make you the best deal imaginable on your new Kia Sportage. How can everyone make the best deal? Have you ever wondered why all of their claims sound the same?

The customer serving transparent pricing model we use at Ray Skillman Auto Center isn’t geared around a slogan or a sales technique. If you want the price, it’s easy to find on our website, by calling us, or by stopping by. No games. Just great pricing.

What's Iso-Structure?What’s Iso-Structure?

Automotive technology is rapidly changing. Car companies are making innovations all the time and Kia is leading the way. Unfortunately, that means that most dealerships and their employees can fall behind on the latest and greatest.

We take great pride in having the most knowledgeable and well-trained staff in the Indianapolis area. Our team is constantly learning about what’s new and what’s coming up in the near future. While other dealerships send their sales teams to sales training seminars, we’re sending ours to the factory to learn more about the vehicles themselves. This translates into the best buying experience for our customers.

Ray Skillman loves IndianapolisRay Skillman loves Indianapolis

The corporate wave of car dealerships joining mega groups is making it more difficult to get the personal treatment car buyers want. On the other hand, smaller dealerships are forced to sacrifice in training, customer service, or by selling at higher prices to compete.

Ray Skillman Auto Center is different because we have the respect of being a long-standing dealer in Indianapolis while not succumbing to large company takeovers. Rest assured that buying at Ray Skillman today is the first step towards a lasting relationship with a dealer group you can trust.

Ray Skillman’s Pre-Owned Sportages

Pre-Owned Sportage Inventory